Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Here are some of the first bloom's in my garden! I was so happy to seem them.

But the sad thing is that I don't really know it's spring because my flowers are blooming I know it's spring because the squirrels are MATING! Yes, that's right I know this all too well. You see my back yard is pretty much all hazelnut shells and every squirrel in Portland knows my backyard and knows it well. For some reason the squirrels must chase each other on my roof and all over my yard. They wake me up at first sunlight and just when I am about to fall back to sleep they are at it again.

I also wouldn't really know it's spring because we have snow and hail here and there still - it's totally crazy. I just planted a bunch of stuff in my garden the end of last week and now I am worried it's gonna freeze.


Davianne said...

After reading your last 5 posts, all I have to say is, "You are a sad, strange little girl and you have my pity. Farwell!!"
And if your garden doesn't freeze the squirrels will just eat everything. You may want to invest in netting and traps.

Klare said...

I remember those days in WA. My tulips are blooming and here comes a hail storm. What the!?! Good luck with all the plants!