Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of my many talents...

So, I have been making jewelry since 1990 or 1991 I can't remember any more. It's a great talent to have when you need some jewelry for an outfit but can find the perfect thing anywhere, well you just make it yourself! Near the end of last year I took a wire wrap class, best $20 bucks I have ever spent! It's started a whole new love for making jewelry within me and I have been on a jewelry making kick ever since.

I made this one for my birthday dinner night out!

I had gotten these beads to make this necklace to wear to a job interview, too bad I had left them at my mom's house and had to wear something else, it's my theory as to why I didn't get the job.

I needed something with purple because I always seemed to never have a necklace to wear when I wear purple, in other words just because I can.

This is the one I made my sister for Christmas and she LOVES it, I think I need to make one for myself because on my neck it looks fabulous.

And well, now my neck is famous so it needs to look fabulous!


Davianne said...

Super cute!! The forgotten interview one is my favorite.

Michelle said...

WOW! Love them! I am with Dav, though. My fave is the same one as her.