Thursday, June 26, 2008

update and warning...

horrible title I know but it is what it is... blogger has not been my friend lately for some reason I don't have time to figure out I can't post pictures and you know me and my camera happy self has a million pics I have wanted to post over the last few weeks. Therefore this has been the reason for my lack of posts, sorry but a picture is worth a 1000 words and since I know NONE of you want to read a 1000 plus words while I try and describe the pictures I'll just have to catch up another time.

Which leads me to this... I will be MIA for a few weeks although I might surprise everyone and post while away, don't hold your breath on this one. I am leaving on Saturday for Budapest Hungary, one of my most favorite places on earth. I can't wait. I was there last summer for two weeks and this time I will be there for 21/2 weeks. I might even take a trip up to Vienna one weekend while I am there. I think I already mentioned on my blog that I am going to an infant toddler advanced training and this amazing institute they have there. I am super duper lucky that three of the gals that were there with me last year for a course will be returning with me this year and we are all full of plans for good times.

I am a little fearful of the temperature change that I will experience... you see here in Oregon we have had a VERY late start at summer (I know the first day of summer was just a few days ago) but just a few weeks ago we were still worried about frost at night. Today it was in the high 60's and in Budapest it was in the high 90's - I think my body is going to go through shock. It could get as high as 113 while I am there, YUCK! Though I am looking for a full 21/2 weeks of nothing but sunshine, maybe my body can soak up enough to last another Northwest winter.

As I have been packing and getting ready for the trip I pulled out all my summer clothes (yes that's right here in Oregon we have winter clothes and summer clothes and most people pack the off season away) I discover that I have gained a lot of weight over the winter and therefore don't fit into any of my capries or shorts... hmmm I think it might be a naked summer or at super hot summer because I'll be wearing my winter clothes. I had noticed my winter clothes getting a little tight, but when I couldn't even pull up my summer pants I knew I was in deep trouble. Guess it's time to get really serious about losing some weight... hopefully walked all around Budapest for 21/2 weeks will be a great jump start.

Until I return... enjoy summer... while it maybe hot where you live at least you are seeing the sun not something we see much of in the northwest so no complaining!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

hanging out in bed...

I do this from time to time, just hang out in bed... it's normally when I get my kind of sick, I don't really get sick but I do get odd little allergic reactions which wipe me out due to the amount of drugs I have to take to keep me from dying.

Yesterday my face started to swell up, not sure what it was from, thankfully I only had one meeting to attend to yesterday and it's in a pretty dark room so I was able to use some awesome make up skills and pretend like nothing was wrong and it worked.

Today I am just hanging out in bed, writing (something I have been doing way too much) and deciding if I really want to go out to dinner tonight - since I have to pick the place, I think I'd rather just stay home - I hate deciding what to eat.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I heart Budapest!

Okay so for some reason I can't post picture... maybe now that itunes is working my pictures isn't. I had this really cute blog idea as I have been preparing for Budapest I have been thinking about all the things I loved about the place from last year and so I was going to blog about them via photos. I'll try again another day.

The top 5 things I am looking forward to about returning to Budapest this year:

1. cold fruit soup

2. paprika chips

3. mammout (it's a HUGE mall, take any mall you know and it's bigger!)

4. fun times with Gabi, Bridget and Diane

5. fun little cafe's everywhere

okay I have to have 6 tops

6. old buildings everywhere and being amazed with how detailed they were way back when.

try try again

so many of you know last year while in Europe I killed my computer and had to get a new one while I haven't been able to get itunes to work on the new computer all together with my ipod. I could get one thing to work but then the rest wouldn't then if I got something else to work what I have previously gotten to work then stopped. I had many conversations with different computer friends and family members. Talked with tech support twice and went into the store to ask questions I don't know how many times. It's been a huge issue in my life because once I got itunes and downloaded all my CD's I got rid of them so for nearly a YEAR I haven't been able to listen to music other than on the radio, thank heavens I live in a day and age when you can listen to the radio via the Internet. I have been going crazy... about once a week I have dedicated a day (okay part of a day) to getting itunes to work.

Well, yesterday I finally had a breakthrough and all it working in harmony with each other and I have my music back. Don't ask me how I did it? If I had to do it again I don't think I could. I do need to thank everyone I asked questions or tried to help, because I truly think all of it together was what allowed me to finally get it to work.

I have been listening to my music like crazy, but it's also interesting to see how much your music tastes can change in almost a year, so much of what I listen to all the time last year I have outgrown now.

I am one happy camper! And it's all in time to use my ipod on my up coming trip to Budapest.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

turning into my sister

So, I don't leave for Budapest Hungary (yes I am going again this summer for the advanced course of what I did last summer) for 17 days and I have already started packing!

It helps that it's SUPER cold here in Oregon so I can put summer clothes in the suitcase and not worry that I might want to wear them in the next 17 days.

This is so NOT ME... just ask Ali about the time I threw clothes in a suitcase at 4 in the morning to head to the airport only to miss my flight and not have any of the right clothes or things that even matched. I hate packing more than anything (okay it's on my long list of things I hate to do). I have been trying to think of all the things I wished I had had last year, no worries I already got some peanut butter for the trip... after 18 mornings of jelly on your toast you start to want something a little different and you can't buy peanut butter in Budapest (well in most of Europe). I also got myself a little hand held battery fan, since it will most likely be 103-113 while I am there.
I really think Oregon should warm it's self up so that I don't go into shock from the temperature difference, like I did last month when I went to CA.