Thursday, June 12, 2008

try try again

so many of you know last year while in Europe I killed my computer and had to get a new one while I haven't been able to get itunes to work on the new computer all together with my ipod. I could get one thing to work but then the rest wouldn't then if I got something else to work what I have previously gotten to work then stopped. I had many conversations with different computer friends and family members. Talked with tech support twice and went into the store to ask questions I don't know how many times. It's been a huge issue in my life because once I got itunes and downloaded all my CD's I got rid of them so for nearly a YEAR I haven't been able to listen to music other than on the radio, thank heavens I live in a day and age when you can listen to the radio via the Internet. I have been going crazy... about once a week I have dedicated a day (okay part of a day) to getting itunes to work.

Well, yesterday I finally had a breakthrough and all it working in harmony with each other and I have my music back. Don't ask me how I did it? If I had to do it again I don't think I could. I do need to thank everyone I asked questions or tried to help, because I truly think all of it together was what allowed me to finally get it to work.

I have been listening to my music like crazy, but it's also interesting to see how much your music tastes can change in almost a year, so much of what I listen to all the time last year I have outgrown now.

I am one happy camper! And it's all in time to use my ipod on my up coming trip to Budapest.

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