Sunday, November 23, 2008

the posh hotel

Okay, no matter what I do blogger wants these pictures in THIS order - mind you it's not the order I would like them to be in. But, you now have to wait until the VERY END of this post to see the posh hotel room... oh, the suspense!

Since, I am sure you all didn't think the link to the hotel I stayed in a few weeks ago in Tacoma and since I am still talking about this hotel with everyone I can. I thought I would share my pics!

I am all about rooms with views... and I seem to always have to take pictures out of windows (random fact about me)

I have wanted one of these ihome ipod docks for some time, but I didn't know how much I would love love love it until I got to play with the one in my hotel room... oh, and if you didn't have an ipod - you just had to call the front desk and tell them what kind of music you like and they would bring up an ipod for you to use while you were there - I told you they were posh.
Oh, and if anyone loves me enough to get my an ihome ipod dock for Christmas, you would be my new best friend forever more!

The bathroom - while it was overall very impressive, personally I would have liked a spa tub - I mean if you are going to be totally posh and all, why not have a spa tub.

Here you have it, my room! Polly (my mentor) had pretty much everything the same in her room expect the art (each floor had a different theme) and her lamps were red. The bed was super duper comfortable, I didn't want to get up - ever! They had a pillow menu, yes you read that right a pillow menu and got to pick out the kind of pillows that best suited you for your stay. I felt like a queen getting to pick out pillows that I would use for 2 nights.
The whole hotel was impressive... although if you ever stay here and you don't like nudes, avoid the 8th floor! HA HA! I am cracking up just thinking about the adventure that was the 8th floor!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Been Tagged

My Friend, Michelle tagged me!


8 TV Shows that I love to watch:
1. Samantha Who
2. Without a Trace
3. CSI (all of them)
4. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
5. ER (and no I haven’t watched it this whole time it’s been on)
6. Dancing with the Stars (but, I just started when my mom gave me the go ahead that all the horrible people were off – I can’t stand to watch people who can’t tell their right foot from their left try and dance.
7. So You Think You Can Dance (can’t wait for this SUMMER)
8. The Bachelor or The Bachelorette – I know they are horrible shows, but I can’t help myself.

8 Things that happened to me yesterday:
1. Went through my beading stuff and started a pile of stuff I wanted to get rid of
2. Went to Michaels to return some stuff
3. Sat on my couches talking with Kristen
4. Did some research about Etsy and Paypal
5. Got up at the crack of dawn to retrieve my trash cans before the wind took them away
6. Took a bunch of stuff to the recycle bin
7. SHOWERED (ask Ali, this is a BIG DEAL)
8. Can’t think of anything else

Favorite places to eat:
1. Quiznos
2. Red Bicycle Café – local joint
3. New York Bagel Café - local joint
4. Jamba Juice
5. Bugerville
6. Almost any place that serves PIZZA
7. East Burnside – local joint
8. Cup and Saucer – local joint

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Christmas – its Elliott’s first!
2. Hopefully having reached a decision by Dec. 10th
3. Getting rid of stuff, call it fall cleaning
4. The rainy season to be done, ha ha – I live in Oregon the rain never really goes away
5. Figuring out plan XYZ
6. The Community Holiday Project – it’s a big job, but it’s the best way to spend the holidays!
7. Baking, it’s holiday time!
8. A new year and hope for better things to come

8 things on my wish list:
1. Find an amazing job
2. Find funders
3. Become a millionaire
4. Get my life more organized
5. World Peace
6. Cure for Brain Cancer
7. A new car
8. Stop having the police question me about crimes in the hood, a girl can wish!

8 people I tag!
1. I
2. Don’t
3. Think
4. 8
5. People
6. Read
7. My
8. Blog!

Monday, November 10, 2008

make up, skin care and the like

My sister is pretty much the expert in this department. If she wasn't my sister and willing to share her wonderful knowledge with me, then I would be at a total loss. REALLY!

This weekend, my sister and I spent some time reading about new products - WE LOVE IT! While we were reading over the costumer reviews, I was reminded how clueless most people can be. (did you like how I didn't call people stupid, cause that's really what I was thinking - me trying to be nice, go me)

A few things you should know about make up and skin care before you try something new or write a review.

1. When you try something new, give it at least a month. REALLY! It takes time for your skin to adjust to something new or a change. People often say, but I break out so I stop - BAD IDEA! Now, I am not saying that if you break out so bad you end up in the hospital that you should keep taking the stuff. Every thing I try, I break out! I have super duper sensitive skin. What I have learned over the years (and thanks to my sister) is that my skin gets worse before it gets better. If you are not willing to give something a whole 30 days, at least give it a week.

2. DON'T TRY A BUNCH OF NEW THINGS AT ONCE! Do I need to repeat that? How on earth will you ever know what if anything worked well or didn't or if you are allergic to it. Give your skin time to adjust, people - it's the largest living organ of you body.

3. A face cleanser is often NOT, I repeat NOT a make up remover! There's a reason people invented make up remover, and no it was not just to sell you another product. You remove make up and then you use a face cleanser. Please stop bashing face cleansers for not removing your make up, it's not what they were invented for nor do they promise to do just that - READ.

Now, here's my shameless plug for Bare Escentuals! My sister and I LOVE THIS STUFF!
I will admit, I did not like it one bit the first time I tried it. It took me going in a few times, letting them know what I liked and didn't like about what I had tried, etc. for me to get what was right for my skin. Even with my sister and I being related our skin is not the same - what works for her, does not work well for me. Ask questions, research and experiment.

Okay, getting off my soap box now. Thanks for listening.