Sunday, November 23, 2008

the posh hotel

Okay, no matter what I do blogger wants these pictures in THIS order - mind you it's not the order I would like them to be in. But, you now have to wait until the VERY END of this post to see the posh hotel room... oh, the suspense!

Since, I am sure you all didn't think the link to the hotel I stayed in a few weeks ago in Tacoma and since I am still talking about this hotel with everyone I can. I thought I would share my pics!

I am all about rooms with views... and I seem to always have to take pictures out of windows (random fact about me)

I have wanted one of these ihome ipod docks for some time, but I didn't know how much I would love love love it until I got to play with the one in my hotel room... oh, and if you didn't have an ipod - you just had to call the front desk and tell them what kind of music you like and they would bring up an ipod for you to use while you were there - I told you they were posh.
Oh, and if anyone loves me enough to get my an ihome ipod dock for Christmas, you would be my new best friend forever more!

The bathroom - while it was overall very impressive, personally I would have liked a spa tub - I mean if you are going to be totally posh and all, why not have a spa tub.

Here you have it, my room! Polly (my mentor) had pretty much everything the same in her room expect the art (each floor had a different theme) and her lamps were red. The bed was super duper comfortable, I didn't want to get up - ever! They had a pillow menu, yes you read that right a pillow menu and got to pick out the kind of pillows that best suited you for your stay. I felt like a queen getting to pick out pillows that I would use for 2 nights.
The whole hotel was impressive... although if you ever stay here and you don't like nudes, avoid the 8th floor! HA HA! I am cracking up just thinking about the adventure that was the 8th floor!

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Michelle said...

W.O.W. That is so awesome! Though, I have to agree with you on the bathroom and tub situation. Defiantly needs a spa tub. All in all, very cool. And a pillow menu?! I have never even heard of that before!!