Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Here are some of the first bloom's in my garden! I was so happy to seem them.

But the sad thing is that I don't really know it's spring because my flowers are blooming I know it's spring because the squirrels are MATING! Yes, that's right I know this all too well. You see my back yard is pretty much all hazelnut shells and every squirrel in Portland knows my backyard and knows it well. For some reason the squirrels must chase each other on my roof and all over my yard. They wake me up at first sunlight and just when I am about to fall back to sleep they are at it again.

I also wouldn't really know it's spring because we have snow and hail here and there still - it's totally crazy. I just planted a bunch of stuff in my garden the end of last week and now I am worried it's gonna freeze.

Because I miss my sister

I will make fun of her! It's the least I can do since she ran away to Germany without me!

This picture was taken a month or so ago, but I laugh every time I see it.

My sister's crazy idea of a hair clip!

What's even funnier is that she had already tired one of those bag clips and it didn't work because we both have TONS of hair.

I think

I might have frost bite or something like that.

You see Sunday night (Easter) we had our normal family dinner at my mom's house. I pretty much always have to make dessert, unless I put my foot down. Something with me going to pastry chef school means I am the family baker. Well, I was feeling tired and lazy for Easter so I just got some good ice cream and some blackberries and strawberries (in my family we say strawbabies) to put on top of the ice cream. It was a big hit! Well, you know how some times when you are serving ice cream you have to use your finger to get the ice cream out of the scoop, well I had to do this since I had gotten some super duper creamy ice cream. It felt like the ice cream was burning my finger off it was so cold. My family one thought I was crazy and two thought I was making it all up. Well, people it's many days later and my finger still KILLS. Totally feels like a burn, it hurts to touch it, to type with it, everything. It's a little bit red and I am super concerned. It feels frozen/burned (if such a thing could truly be) all the way to the bone.

I know what you are thinking... ONLY ME!

I just want my finger to be normal again! I keep kissing it better and it doesn't help, sad day!

should be working

but I thought I would blog instead... sounded more fun! Plus I just needed a break from planning what I will say for 4 hours on Saturday... I will hate the own sound of my voice at the end of the day.

So I have been trying to learn more Hungarian since I will be going back to Hungary this summer for another 2 plus weeks for the 2nd level of the training I went to last summer. I am super excited. Well, today I learned the word for baby... which is baba pronounced in Hungarian as bo-bo. I am totally in love with that. I think I will start calling all babies that.
and the following might be helpful in your life.

If you think someone is HOT you could say sek-si
and if you want to tell someone to go to hell you could say men-y o fe-nay-be

Okay really people I need to know things like where is a restroom and how much is that, etc. but no I am totally interested in the most random of things. This is why I don't even say anything when I am traveling to the locals because what I learn isn't really something I should be saying. Help ME!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

might as well

lock me up and throw away the key... I think I am allergic to something else. For those of you who don't know this I am deathly allergic to avocado, bananas and kiwi... plus there are many other things that prevent me from being able to breath through my nose most of the year like all trees except Birch tress, what is so special about Birch trees, I don't know.

Well, about a month ago my mom and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and I got their lunch special of salad and pizza (Yum-O!) and after lunch my tongue was pretty itchy, but I didn't think much of it since that happens all the time, being allergic to everything!

Well, yesterday we went there again and I got the same exact thing, only this time as I was driving home my tongue started to swell up. I pulled over and took some Benadryl (I never go anywhere without it) and ended up having to take 3 dosage within a short period of time to prevent myself from going into shock (don't worry I have an epi pen).

Cheesecake Factory puts beets on their salad which is something and the only thing that I don't normally eat in fact except for the one time my mom made me try them as a kid I haven't had any beets that I know of until these two experiences.

Crazy I know, but then again this is me we are talking about. So, I have been in bed pretty much all day with a Benadryl hang over - but I am at least getting a lot of writing down which normally doesn't happen because I am super distracted by everything. I might actual get this article in by the deadline! GO ME!

By the way if you or someone you know has severe reactions to things, you should keep the Benadryl quick dissolve strips on hand. The pills take forever to get into your system (I would die before that happened) so until the strips come out I had to carry about the liquid form which only comes in Children's so for it to keep me from dying I would have to take the whole bottle and that stuff isn't cheap. I am VERY VERY grateful to the person who invented the quick dissolve strip and even more grateful to the person who decided Benadryl should have them!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of my many talents...

So, I have been making jewelry since 1990 or 1991 I can't remember any more. It's a great talent to have when you need some jewelry for an outfit but can find the perfect thing anywhere, well you just make it yourself! Near the end of last year I took a wire wrap class, best $20 bucks I have ever spent! It's started a whole new love for making jewelry within me and I have been on a jewelry making kick ever since.

I made this one for my birthday dinner night out!

I had gotten these beads to make this necklace to wear to a job interview, too bad I had left them at my mom's house and had to wear something else, it's my theory as to why I didn't get the job.

I needed something with purple because I always seemed to never have a necklace to wear when I wear purple, in other words just because I can.

This is the one I made my sister for Christmas and she LOVES it, I think I need to make one for myself because on my neck it looks fabulous.

And well, now my neck is famous so it needs to look fabulous!

There you go!

So if you ever wanted to know what I keep in my purse, well here you go!

This is a result of losing my cell phone and in an effort to find it I dumped out my purse on the kitchen floor only to find it really wasn't there. And yes I really do keep play doh in my purse, it's great for when you are stressed or there's a little kiddo near by that's bored.

I did end up finding my cell phone, no worries - it's was an interesting and eventful night.

I'll try anything ONCE!

So I recently learned about Biore strips and tried them and the first time I was super impressed after that it was just so so. Personally I think I am WAY too old to have to still deal with acne and black heads and all that horrible stuff.

So, my sister was telling me that putting Elmer's Glue on your face like a mask was pretty much the same as the strips.
So, I HAD just HAD to try it out!

Although if you have HAIR on your face (which everyone does) I don't recommend putting glue on your face and letting it dry - first of all your face gets stuck in whatever expression you happen to have while watching a scary movie waiting for the glue to dry and second and more importantly you will be in tears pulling the dried glue off along with all your facial hair. I do now have a very smooth hairless face, ouch!

I think I learned my lesson to no longer listen to my sister, I think she's out to torment me still after all these years.

just because...

you buy a cup of coffee somewhere doesn't mean you can bring two trash bags full of trash from another place and sit there and eat from the trash.

I offered the guy my dinner because let's face it I had lost my appetite.

Learn from my Mistakes...

when making soup if the recipe calls for graded cheese by all means grade the cheese don't be lazy and just cut it up otherwise you ruin the soup by cooking it to death in an effort to melt the cheese.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I should not be trusted...

with knife that is. So the other day I was trying to cut a pear for my salad and I had just sharpened the knife and yet it wasn't really cutting the very ripe pear and just as I was about to say out loud to myself why is the knife not cutting this pear, I looked down and said "why am I bleeding?" Yes, that's right folks I had the knife upside down! ONLY ME!
Thankfully the cuts are healing nicely and will add the the million and one scars I already have on my hands.

I killed Lilo!

So if you have ever been in my car in the last 5 years you know all about Lilo! She has made me nuts for 5 years... you see she's a McDonald's Happy Meal toy and not necessarily designed for a dashboard, but since when have I listen to what is the true purpose of an object? My friend Casey from Australia gave me Lilo from her Happy Meal and she's been on my dashboard for years. Now, here's been the problem her hips move back and forth, cute right? Not so much it makes this horrible clicking sound and when you are stuck in traffic or not really wanting to be driving somewhere it's just downright annoying. For many years I stuffed a tissue up her skirt to stop the clicking sound. Well, the other day the tissue had been out for awhile... I was trying to embrace her for who she truly is and not limit her movement and what not. Well, I was in traffic and running late and she was clicking away and I grabbed her and ripped her off the dashboard... I didn't know my own mussels could do something like that! And you all wonder why I am not married and don't have kids... well I just gave you the answer!

Believe it or not...

I am not always successful in the kitchen, last weekend I tried to make this cake that I had made while in pastry chef school (it was mighty good back then when I made it, very rich!). Well, I have an old oven and the door sometimes sticks and well, you guest it... the door slammed shut and killed the caked. I was so sad, but also thinking about how much money went into a cake that now looks like poop. It had 10oz. of good chocolate!

My sister told me I could still eat it... but all I could taste was the 6 eggs and funny thing about my and eggs. I can eat eggs if someone else makes them, but if I make something with eggs and I can taste the eggs well sorry charlie I can't eat it.
Thankfully my sister had a back up plan for family dinner... too bad it didn't turn out as well as hoped. It was just an off weekend for the sister's who bake. It happens, but I promise you this, our baking days are not over! I will master this chocolate cake with or without my oven, if it's the last thing I do!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Though, idea, what have you...

I think Bubble Bath should have a serving size suggestion for people like me... I love bubble baths and take lots of them and well, I think I use too much bubbles! I love Mr. Bubbles, I think because I never got to use stuff like that as a kid - no way would my mom shell out the money for stuff like that.
Also bubble bath and a bath tub with jets - not a good combination! Trust me I know! Almost had to pay for a whole hotel (a pretty pricey one at that) because of the amount of bubbles, it was fun until I realized what was going down.

It's the little things...

Recently I have found myself staying in hotels for work related reasons. I am truly a simple person because the following things totally make my day.