Wednesday, March 26, 2008

should be working

but I thought I would blog instead... sounded more fun! Plus I just needed a break from planning what I will say for 4 hours on Saturday... I will hate the own sound of my voice at the end of the day.

So I have been trying to learn more Hungarian since I will be going back to Hungary this summer for another 2 plus weeks for the 2nd level of the training I went to last summer. I am super excited. Well, today I learned the word for baby... which is baba pronounced in Hungarian as bo-bo. I am totally in love with that. I think I will start calling all babies that.
and the following might be helpful in your life.

If you think someone is HOT you could say sek-si
and if you want to tell someone to go to hell you could say men-y o fe-nay-be

Okay really people I need to know things like where is a restroom and how much is that, etc. but no I am totally interested in the most random of things. This is why I don't even say anything when I am traveling to the locals because what I learn isn't really something I should be saying. Help ME!

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