Saturday, March 22, 2008

might as well

lock me up and throw away the key... I think I am allergic to something else. For those of you who don't know this I am deathly allergic to avocado, bananas and kiwi... plus there are many other things that prevent me from being able to breath through my nose most of the year like all trees except Birch tress, what is so special about Birch trees, I don't know.

Well, about a month ago my mom and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and I got their lunch special of salad and pizza (Yum-O!) and after lunch my tongue was pretty itchy, but I didn't think much of it since that happens all the time, being allergic to everything!

Well, yesterday we went there again and I got the same exact thing, only this time as I was driving home my tongue started to swell up. I pulled over and took some Benadryl (I never go anywhere without it) and ended up having to take 3 dosage within a short period of time to prevent myself from going into shock (don't worry I have an epi pen).

Cheesecake Factory puts beets on their salad which is something and the only thing that I don't normally eat in fact except for the one time my mom made me try them as a kid I haven't had any beets that I know of until these two experiences.

Crazy I know, but then again this is me we are talking about. So, I have been in bed pretty much all day with a Benadryl hang over - but I am at least getting a lot of writing down which normally doesn't happen because I am super distracted by everything. I might actual get this article in by the deadline! GO ME!

By the way if you or someone you know has severe reactions to things, you should keep the Benadryl quick dissolve strips on hand. The pills take forever to get into your system (I would die before that happened) so until the strips come out I had to carry about the liquid form which only comes in Children's so for it to keep me from dying I would have to take the whole bottle and that stuff isn't cheap. I am VERY VERY grateful to the person who invented the quick dissolve strip and even more grateful to the person who decided Benadryl should have them!

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