Thursday, March 13, 2008

I killed Lilo!

So if you have ever been in my car in the last 5 years you know all about Lilo! She has made me nuts for 5 years... you see she's a McDonald's Happy Meal toy and not necessarily designed for a dashboard, but since when have I listen to what is the true purpose of an object? My friend Casey from Australia gave me Lilo from her Happy Meal and she's been on my dashboard for years. Now, here's been the problem her hips move back and forth, cute right? Not so much it makes this horrible clicking sound and when you are stuck in traffic or not really wanting to be driving somewhere it's just downright annoying. For many years I stuffed a tissue up her skirt to stop the clicking sound. Well, the other day the tissue had been out for awhile... I was trying to embrace her for who she truly is and not limit her movement and what not. Well, I was in traffic and running late and she was clicking away and I grabbed her and ripped her off the dashboard... I didn't know my own mussels could do something like that! And you all wonder why I am not married and don't have kids... well I just gave you the answer!

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