Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'll try anything ONCE!

So I recently learned about Biore strips and tried them and the first time I was super impressed after that it was just so so. Personally I think I am WAY too old to have to still deal with acne and black heads and all that horrible stuff.

So, my sister was telling me that putting Elmer's Glue on your face like a mask was pretty much the same as the strips.
So, I HAD just HAD to try it out!

Although if you have HAIR on your face (which everyone does) I don't recommend putting glue on your face and letting it dry - first of all your face gets stuck in whatever expression you happen to have while watching a scary movie waiting for the glue to dry and second and more importantly you will be in tears pulling the dried glue off along with all your facial hair. I do now have a very smooth hairless face, ouch!

I think I learned my lesson to no longer listen to my sister, I think she's out to torment me still after all these years.


Michelle said...

Seriously, I am cracking up!!! But, now I kinda want to try the glue thing, too.
I have tried the strip's, many moons ago, and had the same reaction as you. Liked them the 1st time, then they were just whatever after that.

Davianne said...

LOL!! You're a nut! You forgot to add that you also have to smell the nasty glue the whole time you're waiting for it to dry.

Kati said...

not to gross anyone out, but it just pulls everything to the surface, so you still have the black heads only now they are bigger and about to become zits. I don't think glue smells, but then again to do like the smell of my own feet so I think my sense of smell might be off base.