Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think

I might have frost bite or something like that.

You see Sunday night (Easter) we had our normal family dinner at my mom's house. I pretty much always have to make dessert, unless I put my foot down. Something with me going to pastry chef school means I am the family baker. Well, I was feeling tired and lazy for Easter so I just got some good ice cream and some blackberries and strawberries (in my family we say strawbabies) to put on top of the ice cream. It was a big hit! Well, you know how some times when you are serving ice cream you have to use your finger to get the ice cream out of the scoop, well I had to do this since I had gotten some super duper creamy ice cream. It felt like the ice cream was burning my finger off it was so cold. My family one thought I was crazy and two thought I was making it all up. Well, people it's many days later and my finger still KILLS. Totally feels like a burn, it hurts to touch it, to type with it, everything. It's a little bit red and I am super concerned. It feels frozen/burned (if such a thing could truly be) all the way to the bone.

I know what you are thinking... ONLY ME!

I just want my finger to be normal again! I keep kissing it better and it doesn't help, sad day!

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