Monday, September 15, 2008

Move.... are you for real?

My new job is about 10 miles from my house - a 15 minute drive pretty much at best and worst of times. I don't have to get on a freeway or anything. It's a VERY pleasant drive along the river.

A number of people have asked me if I am going to move closer to my job...



I don't understand people some days. Don't they know that when I lived in CA I used to dive 60 miles ONE WAY to work and often have to give myself 3 hours to get there because LA traffic is not predictable.

I also have mentioned to people when they have been in the same section of town according to me, that they should have stopped by and when they ask where my work is they are like "oh, that's like forever away from where I was" it was no more than 20 blocks ever!

I don't think I will ever understand Oregonians ideas of far away or what's a decent commute time.

Off to work... yes on that REALLY long drive that puts me there long before you'll be able to read this and post.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

something new about me!

On Monday I started a NEW JOB, a full time, stable, settling down type job. Which I am so looking forward to, because the last year as been full of many ups and downs and who knows what's going on and I just couldn't live like that forever.

I took a job as the director of a child development center here in Portland, it's pretty much all administration and supervising 40 people!

For awhile now, I might not be blogging much as I learn this new crazy schedule of mine 7am - 6pm with a LONG LUNCH every day. Crazy, I know but it has it's pros and cons.

Until then happy September days!


Sorry, but a word to the wise if you plan to someday make millions off your creations don't share them with everyone.

I don't share well anyways and since I want to either write a cook book or open a bakery or both one day - I don't share my creations other than you can eat them now and then when I make them, but as far as what I put in them - the secrets are forever safe within my HEAD, yes that's right I really hardly every write the stuff down.

Ali helped create my brownie recipe hence why it's called "Ali and Kati Brownies" so she knows how to make them. I did ONCE share my chocolate strawberry cake recipe with someone so they could make it for Khlia (my niece) for her birthday while she was in Germany, but other than that, my brain is keeping them for that perfect time when I can use them for greatness!

I am not trying to be rude or anything, I would share the food with you all if you lived near by... motivation to come visit!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not to brag or anything...

but I make the best zucchini bread in the world hands down!


Friday, September 5, 2008

learn something new....

every day that is!

Yesterday I learned that I am not cut out to be a blue berry picker!

I went to help my friend Kristen pick some blue berries, we were out in the SUN (yes we have some sun for now that is) for like 2 hours and I was DEAD tired, my back was killing me and I was feeling super duper old! I used to think it would be a fun job to pick berries all day, NOT ANY MORE! I got a small taste and I didn't like it!

I am even more grateful for people who spend all day in the hot sun picking fruits and veggies for my enjoyment, it's hard work.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new love affair with Jamba Juice!

Okay, so I have been a long time fan of Jamba Juice – but within the last few years I have had some issues with their use of Styrofoam cups, I hate that stuff and try to avoid going places that use it. In fact this past weekend I wanted to buy this hook thing and when I saw that it came in this huge box with what I knew would be filled with Styrofoam I almost didn’t buy it. I know it’s a silly little thing, but it’s my thing and I just don’t like that it’s not biodegradable and lives in land fields FOREVER – I mean hello people it’s 2008 and we know better. It’s just one of my crazy things in trying to be more green, I know it’s seem really insignificant if I personally just stop going to business that use Styrofoam but I think it the long run it makes a difference and since I most like won’t have kids for at least 5 years I want to make sure they have a healthy world when they come.

So, even as much as I love Jamba going there recently has been an issue for me because of the whole Styrofoam cup thing. Well, not that long ago I heard through the grape vine that they switched to paper cups (which FYI are biodegradable to some degree) and I had to see for myself so today I got one and low and behold they served it to me in a paper cup! Now, if I can just convince places to let me bring my own washable cup that can be reused a million and one times life will be grand!

THANK YOU JAMBA for being more GREEN, the planet thanks you!
Now, me the go green junky will be getting off her soapbox, thank you for listening.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I want my money back…

What kind of lame excuse for summer has this been? Really people I want my money back. We had a winter that would never end last year and it kept raining and raining and raining. I had been so looking forward to my trip to Budapest to get my fill of sunshine and it rained a lot while I was there – I had been prepared for SOME rain while I was there you know light summer sprinkles but what I got was pouring cats and dogs kind of rain. This past month of August here in Oregon is supposed to be the DRY month you know NO RAIN, well we have seen way to much rain in my opinion. They are now saying that summer is pretty much over and we are now entering into our rain season; excuse me, what is that you said? You are cheating me out of a decent summer, I don’t think so – give me my money back!

I haven’t even got to wear all my summer clothes – so not fair! I am just frustrated! Oh, and I think my tomatoes and veggies will never be ready to eat unless they see some MAJOR sunshine which I don’t think will happen – which will make me sad as my garden will be a total bust this year.