Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new love affair with Jamba Juice!

Okay, so I have been a long time fan of Jamba Juice – but within the last few years I have had some issues with their use of Styrofoam cups, I hate that stuff and try to avoid going places that use it. In fact this past weekend I wanted to buy this hook thing and when I saw that it came in this huge box with what I knew would be filled with Styrofoam I almost didn’t buy it. I know it’s a silly little thing, but it’s my thing and I just don’t like that it’s not biodegradable and lives in land fields FOREVER – I mean hello people it’s 2008 and we know better. It’s just one of my crazy things in trying to be more green, I know it’s seem really insignificant if I personally just stop going to business that use Styrofoam but I think it the long run it makes a difference and since I most like won’t have kids for at least 5 years I want to make sure they have a healthy world when they come.

So, even as much as I love Jamba going there recently has been an issue for me because of the whole Styrofoam cup thing. Well, not that long ago I heard through the grape vine that they switched to paper cups (which FYI are biodegradable to some degree) and I had to see for myself so today I got one and low and behold they served it to me in a paper cup! Now, if I can just convince places to let me bring my own washable cup that can be reused a million and one times life will be grand!

THANK YOU JAMBA for being more GREEN, the planet thanks you!
Now, me the go green junky will be getting off her soapbox, thank you for listening.

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