Monday, September 1, 2008

I want my money back…

What kind of lame excuse for summer has this been? Really people I want my money back. We had a winter that would never end last year and it kept raining and raining and raining. I had been so looking forward to my trip to Budapest to get my fill of sunshine and it rained a lot while I was there – I had been prepared for SOME rain while I was there you know light summer sprinkles but what I got was pouring cats and dogs kind of rain. This past month of August here in Oregon is supposed to be the DRY month you know NO RAIN, well we have seen way to much rain in my opinion. They are now saying that summer is pretty much over and we are now entering into our rain season; excuse me, what is that you said? You are cheating me out of a decent summer, I don’t think so – give me my money back!

I haven’t even got to wear all my summer clothes – so not fair! I am just frustrated! Oh, and I think my tomatoes and veggies will never be ready to eat unless they see some MAJOR sunshine which I don’t think will happen – which will make me sad as my garden will be a total bust this year.

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Jordan said...

Sorry about your rainy summer! You could send some of that rain our way- it's rained like two days all summer. Sounds good I know, but the grass and everything is so brown and dry- too bad we can't trade weather (c: