Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sorry, but a word to the wise if you plan to someday make millions off your creations don't share them with everyone.

I don't share well anyways and since I want to either write a cook book or open a bakery or both one day - I don't share my creations other than you can eat them now and then when I make them, but as far as what I put in them - the secrets are forever safe within my HEAD, yes that's right I really hardly every write the stuff down.

Ali helped create my brownie recipe hence why it's called "Ali and Kati Brownies" so she knows how to make them. I did ONCE share my chocolate strawberry cake recipe with someone so they could make it for Khlia (my niece) for her birthday while she was in Germany, but other than that, my brain is keeping them for that perfect time when I can use them for greatness!

I am not trying to be rude or anything, I would share the food with you all if you lived near by... motivation to come visit!

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Jordan said...

Well good luck on your greatness thing- hope it works out (c: