Monday, December 1, 2008

some days are just like this, even in australia

Thanksgiving 2008, can pretty much be explained by this picture!

It was a weekend of things just not really going as planned. Oh, well - it gives us something to talk about and remember. Thanksgiving morning we had our traditional breakfast at my sister's. She (having just recently had knee surgery) wasn't really able to get around as much as she thought she would be able to and so things just didn't get done as she would have liked. For example she had promised us all home made apple fritters and her dough didn't work out, so we had to live without them fritters, darn.

We had our turkey day dinner on Sunday night, to allow everyone to be able to spend the day with all the other families who had needs to have them there. Our stuffing was pretty much mush, it tasted good - but it was like baby food (no we didn't give any to Elliott). My mom couldn't find the gravy spoon, so a measuring cup works just fine.

It's more about spending time with family and friends then things going perfect, right. RIGHT! As always baby Elliott is the hit of all family functions now, we do a pretty good job of sharing him - Nate and Dana are the most laid back, first time parents I have ever met.

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