Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holy SNOW Batman!
P-town got dumped with a LOT of snow yesterday... 8-12in all around the city!
This morning I ventured out to take some pictures after I put on 10 layers of clothes.
Blogger is driving me crazy with the order of pictures, sorry!
anyone interested in a little frozen tomato?
(yes, that's my frozen snow covered tomato plant)

I thought this was a cool picture!

AFTER! I raked my front porch... yes, that's right I raked the snow.
Two year's ago when I moved into this house I wanted to buy a snow shovel and everyone told me I would NEVER need it... well weeks after I moved here I needed it and then again this weekend I needed one - should have let me just buy one.

Those trash cans are pretty much half way under snow...

Anyone want to sit and stay awhile?

Me breaking through the ice to get to the SNOW. We have about 8-12in of snow and then on top of that is a layer of ice.

See the layer of ice?!?!?!?!?

BEFORE! My front porch before I raked it clear, it's a covered porch mind you.

My car playing in the snow... silly car!

Snow piled up on the window ledge - OUTSIDE!

A view of the snow pile up on the window ledge - INSIDE!
I am trying to stay warm inside... most of the week we have had snow days, this is the worst. We are in a winter weather warning, whatever that means. Chains are required all over the city, which I have no desire to dig my car out of piles of snow, just to be chains on to look like all the other crazy people out there trying to get stuff done - just take a snow day people!
This is a bit TOO MUCH SNOW for me! It's super cold out and because of that there's lots of ice, so the cabin fever is really setting in... they are not sure when this snow will melt away because, it's suppose to stay super cold AND to make matters worse my house pretty much NEVER gets sun because I have the big red wood tree, so most people get their snow to melt away days before I do, urg!
Looks like it will be a white Christmas!


Jennie said...

So pretty from far away. I don't envy you at all.

Davianne said...

Love the tree picture. Very pretty. Yes, you should just go buy yourself a snow shovel and I drive in the snow without chains all winter long in much more snow without a problem. If you just drive slow I don't think you would have a problem ether.