Thursday, June 26, 2008

update and warning...

horrible title I know but it is what it is... blogger has not been my friend lately for some reason I don't have time to figure out I can't post pictures and you know me and my camera happy self has a million pics I have wanted to post over the last few weeks. Therefore this has been the reason for my lack of posts, sorry but a picture is worth a 1000 words and since I know NONE of you want to read a 1000 plus words while I try and describe the pictures I'll just have to catch up another time.

Which leads me to this... I will be MIA for a few weeks although I might surprise everyone and post while away, don't hold your breath on this one. I am leaving on Saturday for Budapest Hungary, one of my most favorite places on earth. I can't wait. I was there last summer for two weeks and this time I will be there for 21/2 weeks. I might even take a trip up to Vienna one weekend while I am there. I think I already mentioned on my blog that I am going to an infant toddler advanced training and this amazing institute they have there. I am super duper lucky that three of the gals that were there with me last year for a course will be returning with me this year and we are all full of plans for good times.

I am a little fearful of the temperature change that I will experience... you see here in Oregon we have had a VERY late start at summer (I know the first day of summer was just a few days ago) but just a few weeks ago we were still worried about frost at night. Today it was in the high 60's and in Budapest it was in the high 90's - I think my body is going to go through shock. It could get as high as 113 while I am there, YUCK! Though I am looking for a full 21/2 weeks of nothing but sunshine, maybe my body can soak up enough to last another Northwest winter.

As I have been packing and getting ready for the trip I pulled out all my summer clothes (yes that's right here in Oregon we have winter clothes and summer clothes and most people pack the off season away) I discover that I have gained a lot of weight over the winter and therefore don't fit into any of my capries or shorts... hmmm I think it might be a naked summer or at super hot summer because I'll be wearing my winter clothes. I had noticed my winter clothes getting a little tight, but when I couldn't even pull up my summer pants I knew I was in deep trouble. Guess it's time to get really serious about losing some weight... hopefully walked all around Budapest for 21/2 weeks will be a great jump start.

Until I return... enjoy summer... while it maybe hot where you live at least you are seeing the sun not something we see much of in the northwest so no complaining!


Davianne said...

I know you're gone already, but hope you have fun!

Shellbell said...

So, are ya back yet? Did you/are you having fun? Cant wait to see all the pics! ('Cause I know you have a ton!) ;)