Tuesday, June 10, 2008

turning into my sister

So, I don't leave for Budapest Hungary (yes I am going again this summer for the advanced course of what I did last summer) for 17 days and I have already started packing!

It helps that it's SUPER cold here in Oregon so I can put summer clothes in the suitcase and not worry that I might want to wear them in the next 17 days.

This is so NOT ME... just ask Ali about the time I threw clothes in a suitcase at 4 in the morning to head to the airport only to miss my flight and not have any of the right clothes or things that even matched. I hate packing more than anything (okay it's on my long list of things I hate to do). I have been trying to think of all the things I wished I had had last year, no worries I already got some peanut butter for the trip... after 18 mornings of jelly on your toast you start to want something a little different and you can't buy peanut butter in Budapest (well in most of Europe). I also got myself a little hand held battery fan, since it will most likely be 103-113 while I am there.
I really think Oregon should warm it's self up so that I don't go into shock from the temperature difference, like I did last month when I went to CA.

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Jordan said...

Hey there - I found your blog while looking for someone. Hope all is well with you!