Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So my long time friend Michelle tagged me on her blog to blog about seven random fact about myself... as if you all need any more random facts about me.

Well, here goes it... (you asked for it Michelle)

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of my own feet. I know, it's crazy, but totally true. I often smell my own feet because I love the smell so much. Though (this might be random fact #2 but in all fairness I'll keep it under #1) I am not a big fan of most people's feet over say the age of 2. Most people's feet gross me out. Nothing personal people, just that my feet are better... somehow!

2. I hate making phone calls (I get it from my mother) and the Internet is the worst for people like me because it just encourages my fear (or whatever it is) of picking up the phone.

3. I apologize to ALL road kill on the road for someone killing them... to the best of my knowledge I have never killed anything while driving (well expect maybe ants and other bugs that are on the road that you can't see). It brakes my heart to see roadkill, if it's a deer or a cat or something like that I will often cry. It's just me, I am a baby I know.

4. I love to watch infomercials... unlike my sister I have never bought something from a infomercial, but I love them could watch them all day.

5. My love for country music came about because of a boy... I thought if I listened to country music he would like me (I also bleached my hair blond because he always asked out blonds) we never went out, he dated most of my friends (even the non-blond ones) and I still listen to country music and still wonder about him.

6. I car parent! I yell at people from inside my car who put their child in danger (much like Michelle and car seats) I have called the cops on many people to because their kid is not buckled in while on the freeway or they are letting their toddler run in and out of the street or they have left their kid in the car while they go in and eat at Denny's or shop at the mall.

7. I LOVE PIGS... I don't plan to have a pet dog or cat or even fish one day I plan to have a pet PIG! Unlike most of the world I think they are cute!

There you go, sevent random facts about me... keep reading this blog to learn the other million and one random facts about me.

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Michelle said...

HAHA! I totally forgot about your "car parenting" thing! Made me laugh. May not be something to laugh at, but I could so see you doing it, and you know I do the same thing!