Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I love love love

To make big pots of soup and freeze them in single portions for a rainy day or something. I love home made soup, but making it all the time is too much work for me... so I make big pots and store it for later.

This soup is by far one of the best soups EVER! Just look at all those fresh veggies!

This one is pretty spicy! And I learned a VERY important lesson. It called for Red Chili Flakes which I had but the seal needed to be taken off, so I used my teeth (don't tell my mom, she paid big bucks of my teeth) and that was a really stupid idea... my lips wear burning for about an hour.

Here's my stock pile! YUM-O!

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Michelle said...

YUM! YUM! I totally LOVE soup! Send me the recipe for the one with all the fresh veggies. I so want to make that one!