Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Title

I found out yesterday (officially) that I will be getting a new title say around the first of October.

And that title will be.................................


I am super excited for the new Baba (Hungarian for baby) to come into our family and you better believe we will be spoiling that little one, our last baby is now 15 and he doesn't like being the baby so much anymore.

The baby has fingers and toes (the things parents are concerned about these days) and the heart beat was good... it's too soon to tell if it's a boy or a girl.

I think it will be a girl, but hopeful it's a boy - I know that sounds odd but I think the parents would do better with a boy first. Not that they won't be great parents either way I just think a boy would be better for them first. Anyone else want to take a guess at boy or girl?

And yet with all my excitement, I feel so old!


Davianne said...

WHOA!!! Congrats and sorry that's all I can think of to say is, WHOA!!

Michelle said...

Holy moly. That makes me feel REALLY old, too. And the fact that I just found out today that 2 "little" boys that I use to babysit are already home from their missions. Yeah. I'm a geezer.