Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a few random things

apparently I am "too beautiful for McDonald's"... not sure even a day later how to take that complement. It took everything in my to just smile and say thank you and not just burst our laughing. He was old enough to be my father I am sure of that and I know I should be using criminal profiling anymore (it's racial if you didn't know) but he looked like he might have killed a few people here and there over the years. Sorry to disappoint you all but I DID NOT give him my number nor did I continue to have a conversation with him.

random fact about me... at home I sit on the toilet sideways. I have just noticed that I do this recently and needed to ponder why. Here's what I came up with, pretty much the only times I use my home potty is first thing in the morning or at night. First thing in the morning I am normally getting in the shower so I sit sideways so I can multi-task, pee and turn on the water. I almost always take a bath at night, one because I feel stressed and two because I don't like to feel dirty (I know it's a total waste of water to shower and bathe twice in one day, but I don't care) so again, I multi-task and pee and get the bath ready. But I also have discovered that it's far more comfortable to sit sideways on the toilet, your booty has more room. I am sure this is more then you ever wanted to know about me, my thinking and my life. At least it's something you can laugh at today.

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