Saturday, May 17, 2008

another tag post

I think I am developing a love hate relationship with these tag things. If you know me you know I love things like these, RANDOM facts about people, often things you might never know about the people you call friends. But, at the same time the little time I have to blog seems to sometimes be taken up by honoring your tag requests.

So, here goes this one.

3 Joys:
1.The sights of spring with the wide array of colors, it just brightens my day.
2.This will be odd, there is a dairy farm near my mom's house and I LOVE the smell of it because it tells me that I only have about 15 minutes of the almost 1.5 hours drive left.
3. Three little words... you've got mail!

3 Fears:

I think I need to take the 5th of this question this week... it far too personal right now.

3 Goals: I am currently trying to focus on SHORT term goals because I feel like nothing is getting done...
1. Get my website done
2. Get my office to a place were I feel I can actually work in there
3. Get a new car - Okay that one becomes more and more long term as more and more bills have to be paid. I will soon be taking the bus or max every where, because it's going to DIE on me any moment.

3 Current Obsessions:
1. Sugar
2. Lifetime movies
3. OJ

3 Random Facts: As if this blog needs any more...
1. I love to pull weeds... although my current house has more weeds then the whole world should have and it's quickly becoming something I loathe. And no, I will not come help you pull weeds!
2. I often put things in special places so they won't get lost and then can't remember where I put them... for example last summer when I returned from Europe my sister gave me back my house key and I put in one of those special places and about three months later I found where that special place had been, next to the DVD player. For three months I went through the back door because it was the only front door key I had.
3. I don't like having other people in the car with me... it's has nothing to do with worrying what people might think of my driving or what not but it's more about that's when I do my best thinking while I am driving and if someone is with me then most often they want to talk - so if there is carpooling to be done, I prefer that the other person drives. I try to be fair and dive my share of the time... but I don't like it. It feel very awkward to drive and not be able to think about all the things there are to think about in ones life. I don't feel as prepared mentally for something when we get there, etc.
I know I am odd!

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