Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I arrived in Tacoma, WA to speak at a conference. I am staying in this totally posh hotel room. You all would have gotten a kick out of me. I literally didn't even put my bags down (all 5 of them) before grabbing my camera and taking pictures of my room. I can't post pictures because I didn't bring my connector cable. But you can check out the hotel for your self, Hotel Murano.

I did my presentation today and it went very well. As always I prepared way more than I had time for, but now I get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the conference. It's a nice benefit of speaking the first day.

The reason you ask for 5 bags. WAIT, it's 6! 1: my purse 2: my laptop bag 3: a bag full of handouts for my workshop 4: a bag with my overhead projector, toys and a baby doll (for my workshop) 5: clothes and personal items for the 3 days 6: some food

I'll have you know I did it all in one trip, although I did nearly take out 100 people in my attempt to only make one trip.

Oh, and I am sick again! I was worried my voice wouldn't make it through my workshop.

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