Tuesday, October 21, 2008

End of Summer Family Camp Out

I know it's been a month now since this trip... I am totally behind the times. Just before the last day of summer, we headed out for a family camp out to Cape Look Out. We had a BLAST! and it only rained the last night we were there and we stayed pretty dry considering.

We did get ambushed by Raccoons the first night and they got some of our food. The Mosquitoes were out of control. I mean we were at the ocean, running water - why did we have mosquitoes. Crazy bugs, don't they know they are suppose to like STILL water. Here are just a few picture from the trip... I'll post more at another time when I have more time. But, until then enjoy these few.

We are big babies in my family... Khlia, my mom and I all needed our own tents.

I pretty much showered in this every 5 minutes, even though it said you didn't need too. I came home with like 25 bites.

We took many long walks on the beach to discover what natura had in store for us to see. The first morning we discovered this star fish.

I love sunsets, this was the 2nd night. The first night Khlia and I read on the beach while the sunset, it was so relaxing.

Aeddan and Khlia making some yummies!

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Jordan said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the picture of the starfish & the sunset- very pretty!!!