Saturday, March 28, 2009

califonia adventure and not the park

well, I can't believe I have been in California just over two months now... although a lot has happened.

My job is going good, it keeps me really busy and I am normally pretty beat when I get home - my bed time is about 9:30pm, but then again I do get up a 6am every morning.

On Feb 25th I was in a car accident while driving to work. For the most part I am okay... although my neck is curved the wrong was from the whiplash.

About a week later my car died, it was dying, but it really did die, while driving 70 mph on the freeway in the of fast line... thankfully I think fast and was able to get over 5 lanes of traffic before it totally died. I got to ride 36 miles in a tow truck and I never met Sid the Science Kid (which I were I was headed) That day I bought a new car... a 2008 Toyota Matrix!

totally cute, huh? It's been so nice to have a car again that you don't have to worry about, although it means living on an air bed for a wee bit longer.


elegyrl said...

Man car accidents are never a good thing but I hope you get better soon! Congrats on the new car!

Jennie said...

The car is totally cute. We love Sid the Science kid. I would have been bummed too.

Jordan said...

Glad you're ok! What a bummer- but very cute car :D