Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucky me!

Did you know I have the worst luck in life? No joke, people from miles around know this.

Mom my jokes about it… for example the other day I was driving and got stuck on the road because of some hazardous waste mess. When I was talking to the cop, I asked if I should be on the lookout for anything – like odd rashes or what not. He told me I would be fine… at this point in the story my mom interrupts and says “did you tell the cop he doesn’t know you and you will most likely end up with some rare bacterial infection from just sitting outside this hazardous waste mess” and all I can do is laugh because she is so right.

There’s a reason I only buy $5 sunglasses because I know some how that a bin from the top shelf is going to randomly fall and bounce and someone hit said sunglasses, breaking them!

One would assume that when their landlord gives them keys to their new apartment they work… well only I would be unlucky enough to turn the lock from the inside before shutting the door only to discover the keys don’t work and the latch is on the other door so there is no getting in that way.

Only I would be unlucky enough to be all dressed up at work, only to have to toss out a bin of dirty water, only to have it fly right back onto said dressed up clothes and then have to sit through two meetings covered in dirty water.

Really I could write a book. This is just a small sample of situations I have found myself in the last few weeks. Maybe they should write a show about all the crazy not so lucky moments of my life… the writers would never need to make stuff up, I would supply them with endless ideas.

This is a picture of my feet with shoes on in the ER, mind you I didn't have clothes on, just one of those lovely hospital gowns... Someone was making fun of me for keeping my shoes on, but if I had to walk somewhere and didn't have my shoes on, I'd be so unlucky that I would just so happen to step on a used needle and get some horrible thing like AIDS.

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