Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The day after I got back from Budapest and got the wonderful pleasure of getting in my car and driving three hours to Seattle for four days to help with a training! Believe it or not I survived! There were moments during those four days that I really thought I was going to DIE! The first two nights I was there I had dinner meetings to attend to and it took everything in me not to fall asleep in my plate of food. Most people were pretty sympathetic and understanding with me, some were even impressed with my ability to function. I was pretty blessed to have a POSH hotel room (Ali think Westlake Inn, it was pretty close to that). It was a wonderful opportunity for me to network with some people and it is proven to be very good for business.

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Shellbell said...

Holy smokes! You must have been so TIRED!!! (Though personally I would love to see someone fall asleep in their food. I find that quite hilarious).