Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Vienna! (as Bridget always refers to it)

I think we were there like maybe 36 hours… hold on let me count. Okay maybe like 33 hours! But, it still amazes me all that we did! We were on our feet walking all around the city for pretty much all of those 33 hours… we did take a little bit of time to sleep in our cute little apartment and the Happy Hostel, a place for happy people and we were happy to be there. I was the lucky one that good the BIG bed (maybe because I had a broken bed back in Budapest). The high light of Vienna for me was the FOOD, big surprise I know. I love food and I love good food even more! We had apple strudel every chance we could we even went to a strudel demo, it was awesome! I have lots of videos of Peter the strudel maker! There is something about old city’s that can take your breath away… nothing in America even comes close. I mean I love the character my 50 plus year old house has, but really how much charterer does it really have compared to places like Budapest and Vienna!?!?!?! One really cool thing we did while we were there was Sunday morning we went to Mass at this amazing Cathedral in GERMAN! I didn’t understand about 99% of what was going on, but it was beautiful and amazing anyways. We really loved the House of Music and the Freud Museum and who couldn’t love the Palace! And the Garden’s… really I could go on all day about how much I loved Vienna… I would love to go back and spend some more time there. But until then I will just have to enjoy my pictures… there’s a lot!

there were sunflower fields all along the way to Vienna

oh look it's me in Vienna!

this cute little wooden toy shop that I wanted to go into but we were there on the weekend and everything was closed, sad day!

cute little coffee house we had out first meal in

my bed at the Happy Hostel!

for my sister... she loves doors!

we had to stop for a little bit of FUN!

where we went to mass on Sunday morning.

not only is it pink so I had to get a picture, but it's like the old and new!

the best meal of my life and our last meal in Vienna - the food was amazing!

I hope you enjoyed them... there are MANY more if you ever want to see them!


Jordan said...

Love the pictures! It's such a beautiful city and the food looks great (c:

Shellbell said...

WOW! I would so LOVE to go there someday!